A downloadable game for Windows

Code Name: AN is a 3D zombie survival horror game being created using the Unity Engine. The game is heavily inspired by the old Resident Evil games and other similar games.

Here's a list of planned features(not yet included):
  • A story
  • A big variety of items and weapons
  • A variety of enemies/creatures
  • Some jump scares
  • Plenty of levels
  • Secrets
  • Puzzles
  • RPG elements such as skills or perks? (still considering)

You can also check the IndieDB , GameJolt and Facebook pages as well.

Please keep in mind that I am developing this game only by myself so progress will be slow. Anyone who is interested in helping with art stuff such 3D models, 2D concepts or music let me know.

If you have any suggestions or questions let me know by either commenting, sending me a PM or email me at pkyrkos7@hotmail.com .

Install instructions

Please make sure that you read the ReadMe inside the download!


CodenameAN_v01.zip (238 MB)
Code Name: AN - Alpha v0.1 - Windows x86 (IndieDB)
Code Name: AN - Alpha v0.1 - Windows x86 (GameJolt))


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*Rawr* I tried this game, although the game doesn't have any of the features listed above, I could see it being heavily inspired by Resident Evil and that perhaps it could have potential if it got good polish on everything, hope it continues smoothly.

Hey there! To begin with, thanks a lot for the video you've made it could really help the game to become a bit more known I hope! As for the feature list it's mostly for the final feature list. This version is obviously just a simple test to see if there are any bugs or suggestions so I can continue adding more stuff.

Also there was a small sort of jumpscare inside the bushes but I don't think you saw the blood at the bushes :p

Thanks again for your video and for testing the game!